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Audit Support / Data Mining

Audit Support / Data Mining


A large, publicly traded software company had acquired a smaller software company. Both companies sold installation and training, along with their software, that was subject to specific accounting rules and record-keeping requirements. The acquisition company did not have adequate records proving they complied with the accounting rules. Without this, sales could not proceed normally and a significant volume of business was at risk.


With her extensive technical background in accounting rules for software, Julie Cline was well-versed in the audit standard and documentation that was needed. She also understood the operations of the acquired company to know how the data could be recreated.

  1. We established the core data set. All orders were captured in order management systems, with varying levels of detail. We had to work with three different order management systems, including one archived system and one in the process of being archived. We experimented with report parameters, comparing results with other sources, until we were certain that we had the correct data set.
  2. The core data set had net sale price only with limited details on pricing, discounting, and services purchased. We had extensive interviews with member of the Sales team and Sales Operations team (order admin) to establish key supporting documentation.
  3. We compiled the six-quarter data set and presented it to the Corporate Revenue Recognition team, achieving preliminary audit compliance approval.


  • Preliminary audit approval granted
  • Bundled software sales able to proceed and book normally
  • Quarterly sales goals achieved