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Flexible Finance Expertise for Business Insights and Efficiencies

Methodologies and Models

Methodologies and Models


Julie has extensive training in PMI, Lean Six Sigma and Agile methodologies. While each methodology brings important fundamental concepts, the ultimate driver of success on any given project are the stakeholders and individuals involved at the organizational level. Regardless of whether the project is local or global, departmental or organization-wide, all project work requires appropriate management support to ensure not just immediate success but long term success of the project goals.


During our initial phase, we will look at all aspects of finance and business operations, and primarily focus on your Quote-to-Cash cycle.

Generating an invoice kicks off the accounting cycle, yet there are a multitude of opportunities for efficiency and data mining in the processes that lead up to the invoice. By focusing on the entire process, as early as the Quote (and even lead generation), we evaluate the master data requirements across systems, including the CRM, Price Book, CPQ, Job Costing as well as Accounting.