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Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories - JClineConsulting

Project Management Software Implementation

Context: A marketing company wanted to more effectively quote and track projects through the quote-to-cash process. The paper-based clipboard process, ...

Orders reporting - JCline Consulting

Orders Reporting

Context: A multi-national software company had a 12-person Sales team, including 10 experienced sales reps and two managers. The company President wanted to improve...

Professional Services Billing - J Cline Consulting

Professional Billing Services

Context: A software client offered customers professional services for installation and training, along with the software itself. These services were tracked and billed upon delivery...


Audit Support / Data Mining

Context: A large, publicly traded software company had acquired a smaller software company. Both companies sold installation and training, along ...

Software renewal process - J Cline Consulting

Software Renewals Process

Context: An established software company was having trouble tracking customer renewals of support and maintenance contracts. The process was managed ...