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Project Management Software Implementation

Project Management Software Implementation


A marketing company wanted to more effectively quote and track projects through the quote-to-cash process. The paper-based clipboard process, from when the company was originally founded, had been replaced by various digital tools but they had limited interaction and leverage. Direct material costs were captured through the accounting program, labor and indirect materials were tracked through email, and the entire process required manual intervention and oversight by the owner.


To address the challenges this company was experiencing, our project included two phases.

  1. Through an in-depth process analysis, we determined that the company needed Project Management software to better manage the overall quote-to-cash process, including the labor component and overhead materials, and to allow leveraging of prior similar jobs when quoting new opportunities. The goals for this software were to be affordable for a small company, and to interface with the existing QuickBooks accounting software.
  2. We implemented a Project Management software program called Function Point, that was specifically designed for creative firms, and to interact with QuickBooks. Working with the process stakeholders, we defined the master data elements, oversaw implementation of the software, and developed the policy and procedures manual for ongoing use.


  • Highly leveraged future quoting
  • Easier, more accurate invoicing
  • Better recovery of overhead costs
  • Less micro-managing required by owner

This implementation essentially created the central nervous system for the entire company, where we didn’t have one before. The positive change was immediate and has continued ever since. Without J Cline Consulting, it wouldn’t have happened.