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Below are some of the principles we’ve developed in our years of practice.  While not a comprehensive list, it gives a sense of our approach.

Set People up for Success:

  • Gather input
  • Explain the “Why”
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Provide training as needed, reassign as needed
  • Provide appropriate tools (including checklists)
  • Minimize required time/involvement of key personnel.

Define the Process:

  • Tools support the process – always define the process before defining the tool
  • Create exceptional pathways:  Process should cover majority cases, but there will always be exceptions – ensure there is a path to resolution
  • Define clear process hand offs, making the difference between good and great
  • Test and finalize the process and decision-making prior to delegation

Generate excellent Data:

  • Design for systematic verification of data; reconcile separate data sets as needed
  • Ensure information needed by other teams is visible to those teams
  • Provide visibility to open issues