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Flexible Finance Expertise for Business Insights and Efficiencies

The Approach

The Approach

At J Cline Consulting, the approach with every client is to listen, apply the right strategy with the right tools to ultimately empower them to optimize their business operations and be confident in their financial management and future.

Starting with a complimentary consultation, Julie will develop an all-inclusive analysis of a client’s current business situation using three main principles and methodologies and models. She’ll gather input to identify and implement projects to streamline processes, collect better data, and design analyses that give meaningful insights into business performance and opportunities.

Questions clients may be asked:

  • Do your financial reports tell you what you really need to know?
  • Are your sales resources deployed effectively?
  • Are your pricing and discounting policies giving the results you want?
  • Does your product and pricing structure enable your sales team to communicate value to customers?

This also is a time for clients to ask questions and learn more about J Cline Consulting. Julie sees the process as a dialog and strategic partnership. She is structured in her approach; however, wants to offer flexibility in the process.

Once Julie has a solid understanding of a client’s targets, concerns and best practices, she immediately gets to work to devise a plan to achieve their goals.