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Flexible Finance Expertise for Business Insights and Efficiencies



J Cline Consulting has experience with companies ranging in size from multi-nation Fortune 50 Corporations to Startup Companies hitting their first million in sales.  

While the implementation will vary depending on the scale, many of the operational challenges have common underlying themes.  J Cline Consulting has worked extensively with high tech companies and has significant expertise in the software industry.


For companies that have hit their first million in sales, there is the challenge of continuing to grow while keeping costs controlled. J Cline Consulting offers the flexibility of experience and commitment to a client’s success, while understanding budget constraints. A project will only be suggested when it creates clear value. Examples of services Julie can provide:

  • Implementation of, or adjustment to the accounting system for better business insights
  • Creating a Price List that can grow with your company
  • Processes to get your product out the door more efficiently
  • Methods to track project costs to more effectively manage your margin
  • Tools to seamlessly generate quotes that flow directly into invoicing


Companies experiencing high growth that have reached $10 million in sales or more are often referred to as Scaleups. They have many processes and systems established. They have customers. They have staff.  They have data. What they rarely have is time to step back and ask “how can we do this better?” J Cline Consulting offers an outside perspective and a project-based approach to upgrading processes and systems to reach the next $10, $20, or $100 million in sales. Questions some Scaleups may ask themselves:

  • Is our sales team effective? e.g. channel volumes relative to resources, impact of deal size, compensation design, etc.
  • Is our product structure effective? e.g. easy to sell value, sales team able to bundle and price effectively, etc.
  • Are tools for producing customer documents giving us the leverage we need? e.g. quotes, proposals, invoices, packing slips, etc.
  • Are quotes easy to generate and do they flow seamlessly into invoicing?
  • Are my investments in R&D and Marketing worthwhile?

Established Businesses

Established businesses can have the same challenges as Scaleup businesses, with the added challenge of “we’ve always done it this way.” J Cline Consulting brings years of experience as an organizational change agent to make the improvements clients want to see. Julie recognizes the importance of, and consider key aspects of a project, including:

  • Management support
  • Detailed analysis of the underlying processes
  • Consideration of the people involved
  • A compelling cost/benefit value proposition
  • Tireless communication of the project rationale