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Flexible Finance Expertise for Business Insights and Efficiencies


Julie has a way of critically examining an organizational / financial challenge that we are simply unable to replicate with any members of our own team.

Gordon MacKinney
President/co-owner, Lightsource Creative Communications Inc.

Julie uses her expertise and strategic creativity to lead J Cline Consulting. 

Her diverse and wide range of experience allows her to identify opportunities and solutions to help companies achieve their operational goals and financial performance.


With a results-driven approach, J Cline Consulting services small and large companies with the tools needed to advance and efficiently operate in a competitive marketplace.

Clients of J Cline Consulting


J Cline Consulting has experience with companies ranging in size from multi-nation Fortune 50 Corporations to Startup Companies hitting their first million in sales.

Success Stories - JClineConsulting

Success Stories

J Cline Consulting engages and provides effective solutions for a variety of companies. Learn how Julie has helped businesses achieve the changes they want to see.